About Store

Website- https://mazdavod.net it was created in 2013, although the company, passionate about disassembling Mazda people, merged back in 2005. At that time, we were disassembling Mazda cars directly in Moscow, mostly they were broken Mazda 626 cars from 1987-1994. It all started with them. Now we are filling the site catalog https://mazdavod.net , mainly used contract spare parts from Europe. This is primarily due to the quality of used spare parts from Europe and the fact that in Russia it has become impossible to buy a car older than 10 years, for analysis, with good spare parts. Everything is in a dead condition and with a lot of wear. Basically, these are machine kits from England and Norway, but we also buy something else in Moscow. All spare parts during disassembly of the car, we inspect, visually study and evaluate the degree of their condition and wear, after which we photograph and mark them for placement on the pages of our website https://mazdavod.net . A lot of small parts, when disassembling a Mazda car, are sent to the warehouse without posting on the website, since the process of disassembling a Mazda car is time-consuming and time-consuming. Therefore, we have not yet had time to put a lot of rubber bands, plastic, pipes, tubes and brackets and other small things on the website, but we are working on it and try to place each removed spare part with the original number, photo and description. If you haven't found what you need on the site, you can ask us and we will look for it. We have been disassembling Mazda cars for a long time, and we have already studied its design features and its weaknesses and strengths well. We try to focus on demand, on the basis of which, first of all, we place large components, aggregates and parts: optics, chassis, transmission, steering system, engine, electrics, body glass, iron, brake system, exhaust system, cooling system and other components. Now we are trying to place every spare part for Mazda on the website https://mazdavod.net . Mazda auto disassembly and website catalog https://mazdavod.net, with pictures and descriptions of products for Mazda, over time it will become better and clearer for all visitors and buyers of our site https://mazdavod.net Used spare parts. for Mazda, we ship throughout Russia and CIS countries. Pickup in Moscow.