Privacy Policy

We try to make sure that everyone is always satisfied, but life cases force us to set some rules, otherwise you simply can not engage in auto-disassembly. Let's start with the fact that all the parts that are our fault do not work for you (see the warranty above) we accept it back and exchange it for the same product, any other product or for money. Return and exchange is possible if there are whole labels and our markings. Used spare parts purchased out of ignorance, out of idle interest or claim after the installation warranty period are not subject to return and exchange. Also non-refundable: parts purchased by mistake of the diagnostician (tired of paying for their mistakes), as well as "the reason was not this, I fixed mine, I made a mistake and chose the wrong one." If we are not sure about something ourselves, we always go to meet our clients, change them and return the money without any problems. Electronic control units that contain microchips are not subject to exchange and return. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, the replacement eliminates the consequence without finding the cause of the failure. Electronic components do not have wear and just like that, without connecting to the on-board network, they do not burn.