information about delivery

Here we will tell you how everything usually happens. Let's say you found on our website: If you are interested in a spare part for your car, you clicked "buy" or registered on the website, or simply wrote us an e-mail request, or called (WhatsApp, telegram, Viber, +79269073161). We receive your order, clarify it (go to the warehouse, find exactly what you have chosen in the photo, or take pictures on request additionally) send a response about availability and discuss with you all the terms of delivery and payment.  In order to clarify any details of your car, we can call you or write your questions to e-mail (we do not like to make mistakes, it is more convenient to ask again). Shipment is carried out after agreeing on all the terms of delivery and payment.  Then the spare parts are packed and delivered to transport companies.  We will quickly ship the spare part you need by the transport company to the specified address. We ship in all possible ways, small details can be sent by Russian Post.  When purchasing contract auto parts in Moscow, it is necessary to take into account that shipment to the regions is made two or three times a week, so it may take some time (up to 3 days). After shipment, we will inform you of the invoice number, we will send a copy, where the address and phone number of the carrier in your city will be indicated. The installation warranty for the sent spare parts begins from the moment of receipt. We will always be glad to hear that everything is fine, everything has been received and everything is working, or to answer any questions you have about the quality of parts, if something is wrong, call immediately. Claims on the quality of auto parts are accepted only during the installation warranty, please read the returns and exchange policy.