Terms of agreement

Warranty for used spare parts sold.

For all sold spare parts, we give a warranty of serviceability, which the buyer must confirm with the installation within 7 days from the date of purchase or receipt. Such a guarantee is called an installation one, i.e. you buy, everything works for you, turns and turns - the guarantee is fulfilled. We cannot give any other guarantees for used spare parts, all spare parts were once part of cars, before disassembly they undergo a visual check for wear and performance, as well as a visual inspection when removed from the car. All sold spare parts are marked, in case of violation of the integrity marks (the disassembly of the part into parts that is not coordinated with us), claims for quality and operability are not accepted. The terms of the installation warranty can be adjusted only by mutual consent of the parties, the engines and the gearbox are guaranteed operability only if our installation requirements are met. We removed almost all the parts sold in working condition from a working car, and how it will work for you depends on the qualifications of the installers.